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Two Steps To Stop Foodborne Illness In Your Kitchen

When it comes to ensuring you’ve killed all the bacteria in your kitchen after cooking, wiping or rinsing isn’t enough. Here are two easy steps you have to follow to ensure you’ve eliminated the germs and you’re not at a risk of having foodborne illnesses.

1. Start by simply cleaning
This is an important first step to make sure you are killing bacteria that can cause foodborne illnesses. Bacteria which cause foodborne-illnesses can last on surfaces for an extended time. Campylobacter can survive in your kitchen for up to 4 hours while Salmonella can last for up to 32 hours. Cleaning requires using warm soapy water to wash these areas. Wipe them clean by using disinfecting wipes, clean paper towels or other clean kitchen towels you may have. Just make sure that they are frequently being washed in the hot cycle of your washing machine.

2. Follow by sanitizing
This second steps will kill any remaining bacteria and reduces pathogens that survive in your kitchen. It’s only truly effectively if the surface is already cleaned so make sure not the skip the first step. Several sanitizers can be used, including all the ones listed on our website. Follow the instructions for the sanitizing solution you are using.
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