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Disinfecting Your Groceries During the pandemic!

Disinfecting Your Groceries During the pandemic!

Disinfecting & Sanitizing our groceries after a grocery run is nearly as important as washing our hands. That’s because we are bringing in items that have had other hand to hand interaction with the person that stocked them, the potential buyers who touched them before realizing they don’t need it or it’s too expensive and finally the cashier who checked them out for you. Even though viruses can only grow and multiply inside a living host. But the bad news is, they can remain alive for anything between a couple of hours to a few days on different kinds of non-living things. This applies to coronavirus as it is said to last 24 hours on cardboard, clothes and paper and 72 hours on plastic and metal materials. That being said, it is necessary to clean what you bring in to your home, especially groceries.

Steps to take to prevent COVID-19 from entering your home
1. Wash your hands or use hand sanitizers before tearing off the cardboard or plastic packaging and drawing your products out of packages.
2. Soak your vegetables and fruits in water for about 5 minutes with potassium permanganate before rinsing them or simply rinse them for 20 seconds under running water.
3. Make sure the countertop or surfaces you set down your purchases on are clean.
4. If your produce is in a plastic container, wash it with soap and water.
5. During your grocery shopping, take a jute or nylon grocery bag with you and wash it once you’re back home.
6. Avoid using cash to make your payments as it travels through different hands.
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