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Disinfecting Gym Facilities

Disinfecting Gym Facilities

Gyms are considered high risk places during the current COVID19 pandemic due to the high levels of interaction. Here are some ways you can maintain a clean facility to protect your client’s health as well as yours.

According to a research study carried out in 2016, exercise equipment was found to be more contaminated with viruses than bacteria. (Goldhammer et al., 2006) The busy fitness facility often involves multiple individuals touching the same surfaces and equipment, which can increase the spread of harmful germs.

Disinfect your gym
1.Wash your hands with soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds.
1.    Wear PPEs during cleaning (Honda & Iwata, 2016).
2.    If you choose to use any wipe from our selection on our HandSanitize website, the surface should be wiped in one uniform direction to prevent contamination back and forth. If you use a spray instead, the surface can simply be sprayed down.
3.    Make sure the disinfectant liquid you use remains on the surface for a specific amount of time-based upon the product recommendations.
4.    When that’s done, dispose of any PPE, cleaning materials, and wash your hands again.

It’s important to create a daily plan for disinfecting surfaces and equipment in your gym. Disinfection compared to sanitizing is better for non –porous surfaces and highly recommended by the CDC. (Center for Disease Control) Disinfection is preferred versus sanitization for fitness facility surfaces and equipment. An EPA approved intermediate-level disinfectant is preferred for cleaning facility surfaces and equipment. Professionals who do the cleaning should follow the recommended 5 step cleaning procedure : washing hands, wearing PPE, cleaning the surface, leaving the surface wet, and disposing materials, and re-washing hands. It’s also recommended to educated your clients on ways to prevent the transmission of microorganisms by following three steps: cover, wipe, wash.
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