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How To Handle The Pandemic On a Daily Basis

How To Handle The Pandemic On a Daily Basis

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To begin with, giving you the main definitions to the subject in-question:

We’ll start this article with a couple of important definitions:

  • Cleaning – the process of reduction of the number of present infections
  • Disinfection – the process of demolishing of possible present viruses

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) examines a two-step procedure to protect yourself:

  1. The object or the surface of the object should be cleaned with special soap or/and cleanser and water or disinfecting spray at first;
  2. The object or the surface should be disinfected with wipes or sprays.

Disinfectant tricks

The Global Health Network (GHN) suggests of special facilities created to diminish viruses. When making a choice of a proper disinfector, make sure all active components such as hydrogen peroxide or quaternary ammonium are present. All price tags and product descriptions should contain EPA numbers. Isopropyl alcohol (70) substances could be also used as disinfectant.

Whitening as a Disinfectant decision

A watered household whitener (approximately four teaspoons of the liquid) should be mixed with water capacity equal to a quarter of a gallon or two pints, equivalent in the US to approximately 0.94 liter, and also used as a disinfectant.

This would work only if whitener is marked as for the purpose of disinfection (not all of them are) and contains sodium hypochlorite in concentration of 5-6%. The shelf life of the product must meet the stipulated standard.

Before using the whitener as a disinfectant, all surfaces (floor, walls) should be cleaned and dried upfront. Whitener emulsion should remain on a surface at least for 10 minutes before rinsed out.

The only drawback of this solutions is that whiteners as a disinfectant have not long-lasting effect (24 hours only).

Here are some additional tips when considering bleach as a disinfectant:

  • Make sure the disinfecting surface won’t be damaged by the emulsion;
  • Do not mix whiteners with ammonia or vinegar to avoid the dangerous gas creation;
  • Emulsion should be created for one use only, since bleach comes down quickly once mixed with other liquids;
  • Keep away from children, aged people and animals;
  • Rinse away with a huge amount of water before draining it down;

There is some extra guidance when utilising other disinfectants as well as whitener:

  • Face and hands should be protected with special gloves and face covering (such as face mask);
  • Open windows to make sure the room is well ventilated;
  • Keep away from connection to food and drinks;
  • Asthmatics and people with respiratory diseases should not be present in the room where disinfection takes place.

Places for disinfection

To prevent the spread, all frequently used objects and surfaces should be disinfected as often as possible. These are recommended areas for sterilization and disinfection:

  • Doorways and door handles;
  • Water cranes;
  • Clothes storage furniture, handles and holders;
  • Washroom area, including toilet covers and handles;
  • Keyboards and computer mouse;
  • Stair railings;
  • Table surfaces and countertops;
  • Kitchen appliance buttons;
  • Microwave buttons;
  • Light switches and stove areas.

Nevertheless, wiping mobile phone or other digital devises with a bleach is not recommended. Such a fragile items should be cleaned up with special disinfectant wipes or emulsions; before doing so, check the devise instructions due to safety reasons.

Substantial note – never touch your face during the disinfecting process. Even after taking off the protective coverage (gloves and mask), washing hands or using a hand sanitizer is a mandatory procedure. Once your gloves are good to be used more than one time, make sure they will be properly washed after the disinfecting routine.

In addition!

Remember to wash your hands as often as possible during the day, particularly once dealing with delivery packages and boxes. Some expert companies also recommend a 20-second scrub or sanitizer as an option.

Stay safe with Bethesda

According to Lynn Licklider, the Corporate Director of Clinical Services at Bethesda, when just one person in Missouri tested positive for COVID-19, Bethesda took immediate measures for the safety of residents and employees:

The main steps which was taken:

  • Bethesda became close for visitors, granting safe access for administrative staff only.
  • Informational support and specific training were provided to all employees and their family members.
  • Protecting face covering was provided for all residents due to safety reasons.
  • Face shits and special eye protection was provided to Memory Care units, admission units and COVID areas.
  • Mandatory temperature checks to every single person entering and exiting Bethesda building.
  • All outside appointments were restricted, except of dialysis;
  • Restriction of public activities.
  • Special online services were created for those residents who willing to avoid physician appointment.
  • Continuous training and monitoring of compliance with mandatory safety measures.
  • Tracking all CDC guidelines, as well as Missouri and Illinois guidelines.

Lynn stated, “We also stay in frequent contact with local hospitals and other nursing homes. Additionally, Bethesda is actively involved with organizations that have an important voice within local and state agencies and have influenced decisions made within our organization.”

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