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What To Know About Wearing A Face Mask

What To Know About Wearing A Face Mask

Face masks have been deemed useful in helping to slow down the spread of the virus during COVID19. However, the effectiveness of this is based on how it is used and disposed of as well as the type of masks you are wearing. Below, we explore all you need to know about face mask in order for them to work in your favor.

How to properly wear your mask
- Clean your hands with a hand sanitizer before putting it on
- Cover your mouth, nose and chin whilst wearing your mask
- Avoid touching your masks while it’s on
- Only use a mask which is undamaged and clean
- Adjust your mask to your face and do not leave gaps at the sides
- With a medical mask, make sure the colored side faces outward and the stiff edge is over your nose

How to properly dispose of your mask
- When removing your face mask, make sure you wash your hands first
- Take off your masks by the straps behind your ears without touching the front of the mask
- When removing the masks, remove it away from your face
- If you need to re-use a fabric mask, store in a clean re-sealable plastic bag
- For fabric masks, make sure to wash with soap in hot water at least once a day
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